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The Puget Sound Business Journal had a write up of the wealthiest ZIP Codes in the Puget Sound region throughout King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. It was determined by a proprietary formula, which includes net worth, home value, per capita income, and other factors.5 Most Expensive Zip Codes in the Puget Sound

1. Medina, probably to nobody’s surprise. Located in King County with the ZIP Code of 98039, the average net worth for residents is $3.33 million. The average household income tops out at just under $256,000 with an average disposable income of around $168,000. Currently, the median home value for Medina is about $2,667,000. These home values have risen 18% just over the last year.

2. Mercer Island (98040) is the second on the list with an average net worth of $2,048,000. The average household income is about $194,000. Also located in King County, Mercer Island median home value is about $1.4 million.

3. The Eastside’s Sammamish community (98074) is third on the list with an average net worth of $1,067,000. The average household income is about $182,000. Sammamish is located in King County with the home value of about $965,900. Home values have gone up nearly 12% over the past year.

4. Woodinville (98077). Nestled just northeast of downtown Seattle on the east side, Woodinville has an average net worth of $1,084,000 with an average household income of about $160,000. Known for its vineyards, tasting rooms, concerts on the greens and fabulous restaurants, Woodinville’s home value is approximately $765,000.

5. is Redmond (98053). The Microsoft and Nintendo city have an average resident net worth of $1,067,000. Redmond’s average household income is $165,000. The average home in Redmond is about $810,000, which is also gone up nearly 18% over the past year.

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