Best Private Schools in the Seattle Area

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When it comes to education, Seattle is a city that prides itself on diversity and quality, offering a variety of private schools that cater to every educational preference and philosophy. From rigorous academic curriculums to innovative learning approaches, the Seattle area private schools stand out for their commitment to fostering excellence, creativity, and character in their students. This guide dives deeper into each institution, showcasing what makes them unique and why they're considered among the best.

The Bush School

Founded in 1924, The Bush School stands as Seattle's oldest K-12 independent private school. It is renowned for its experiential and inquiry-based learning approach, integrating outdoor education and global travel into the curriculum. The Bush School's emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion ensures a supportive environment where every student is encouraged to explore their passions and engage with the world around them.

Seattle Academy

Seattle Academy, often referred to as SAAS, is celebrated for its dynamic and innovative educational model. The school's unique "Culture of Performance" supports students in developing their expressive and creative abilities across a wide range of disciplines, from the arts to technology and sports. SAAS's urban Capitol Hill campus provides a vibrant backdrop for a curriculum designed to foster independent thinking, resilience, and a global perspective.

Charles Wright Academy

Charles Wright Academy, with its sprawling campus in Tacoma, offers a holistic education that balances academic rigor with emotional and social growth. Its global curriculum, enriched with arts, athletics, and service learning, emphasizes the development of well-rounded individuals. Small class sizes and a close-knit community support personalized learning, nurturing students' passions and talents from preschool through grade 12.

University Prep

University Prep is dedicated to preparing students for the complexities of the modern world with a strong emphasis on intellectual courage and social responsibility. The school's innovative programs, including a wide range of electives and advanced courses, promote critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. University Prep's commitment to diversity and inclusion creates a welcoming environment where students are inspired to learn and grow.

Annie Wright Schools

Annie Wright Schools offers a blend of tradition and innovation, providing separate single-gender education for upper school students while maintaining a coeducational approach in lower and middle schools. The rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, coupled with a strong emphasis on arts and athletics, prepares students for success in a global society. Boarding options further enrich the student experience, fostering independence and a sense of community.

Eastside Preparatory School

Eastside Preparatory School in Kirkland is known for its commitment to developing critical thinkers and responsible citizens. With a focus on interdisciplinary learning and a culture that encourages curiosity and resilience, Eastside Prep prepares students for the challenges of college and beyond. The school's innovative use of technology and emphasis on environmental sustainability reflect its forward-thinking approach to education.

The Overlake School

The Overlake School offers a balanced education that emphasizes academic excellence, emotional well-being, and ethical leadership. Its beautiful Redmond campus provides the perfect setting for experiential learning opportunities, from environmental studies to global travel programs. Overlake's strong community values and commitment to service learning foster a sense of responsibility and connection among students.

Lakeside School

Lakeside School is renowned for its rigorous academic program and commitment to developing intellectual curiosity and ethical leadership among its students. Offering a rich array of extracurricular activities, including competitive athletics and an extensive arts program, Lakeside ensures a well-rounded education. The school's global education initiatives and commitment to social justice prepare students to make meaningful contributions to society.

Choosing the Right Path for Your Child

Selecting the right school is a deeply personal decision that depends on your child's individual needs, interests, and learning style. These Seattle area private schools each offer unique environments and opportunities designed to nurture and challenge young minds. By considering what aligns best with your family's values and your child's aspirations, you can find the perfect setting for their educational journey.

A Call to Action for Parents

Navigating the diverse landscape of private education can be complex, but you don't have to do it alone. Mary Pong, with her extensive knowledge of the Seattle area's educational offerings, is here to help guide you through the process. By understanding your child's unique needs and interests, Mary can assist in finding the school that best fits your child, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching educational experience. Contact Mary Pong to learn more and take the first step toward securing the best educational future for your child.

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