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Award Winning Broker

Award Winning Broker

People may think that real estate careers are all about having knowledge of Puget Sounds diverse neighborhoods, architectural styles, landscaping, home finishes, comparative market analysis or negotiation strategies. While having those skills and brokerage experience are all important, there’s so much more required to be successful in locating, securing or selling that special home for each of my clients.”

“Perhaps the most important skill I have developed in my career is listening. It’s the key to understanding your lifestyle choices, likes, and dislikes. I consider my efforts to be successful when you get what you want. I offer my honest input on what may work best to help you achieve your goals, but I never forget that we’re searching for or selling your home, not mine.”

My entire body of experience…education, business management and customer service…helps me to provide you with great ideas and recommendations and then to execute them in a manner that’s as much fun for you as it is for me.

I would encourage you to read what others have said about their positive experiences in working with me.

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