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When considering a move to Bellevue, Washington, you're not just selecting a new residence; you're choosing a way of life. Bellevue is celebrated for its dynamic culture, stunning natural surroundings, and a commitment to providing residents with top-notch amenities. In this comprehensive guide by Mary Pong, your award winning real estate resource, you'll be introduced to the best country clubs in Bellevue. These clubs are more than just venues for golf; they are gateways to a life of luxury, camaraderie, and relaxation. Let's delve into how becoming a member of one of these prestigious country clubs can enhance your Bellevue, WA real estate experience.

Tam o'Shanter Golf & Country Club

Nestled between Bellevue and Redmond in Washington State, Tam o'Shanter Golf & Country Club offers residents a unique blend of suburban tranquility and natural beauty. The community's welcoming atmosphere is renowned, making it an ideal choice for families looking for a place to call home. With sweeping views of Lake Sammamish and the majestic Cascade Mountains in the distance, Tam o'Shanter residents are treated to breathtaking vistas every day.

Tam o'Shanter is known for its diverse set of amenities that cater to a wide range of interests and ages. The heart of the community is its par-71 golf course, established in 1967. This well-maintained course provides challenges for both seasoned golfers and beginners, with various youth and adult programs and events. Tennis enthusiasts will appreciate the recreational park, which has four tennis courts and options for lessons for all ages. During the summer months, the 25-yard pool, complete with a separate baby pool, becomes a hub of activity, offering swim programs and a swim team. The clubhouse, rebuilt in 2005, serves as a central gathering place featuring dining areas and banquet facilities. It's also the venue for community events like family bingo nights and holiday parties, fostering a strong sense of community. Additionally, Tam o'Shanter hosts various recreational activities throughout the year, including a Fishing Derby, Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Parties, and family bingo, ensuring there's always something fun happening for residents of all ages.

Bellevue Club

Bellevue Club, located in the heart of Bellevue, stands as a premier athletic and social club on Seattle's Eastside. This exclusive club attracts some of the most celebrated and visionary citizens of the area, offering a remarkable blend of luxury amenities and a welcoming community atmosphere.

The Bellevue Club is well-known for its world-class facilities designed to cater to members' diverse interests. Fitness enthusiasts will find themselves at home with a comprehensive fitness experience, including state-of-the-art equipment and expert trainers. Families are a cornerstone of the club's values, with a focus on cultivating the leaders of tomorrow through a range of programs and activities. The full-service spa provides members with the opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate with wellness treatments that promote relaxation and well-being. Dining options at Bellevue Club are nothing short of exceptional, boasting four innovative dining spaces that serve up fresh Northwestern fare to tantalize your taste buds. The club's aquatic center offers an exclusive experience, perfect for swimming enthusiasts or those looking for aquatic workouts. With facilities dedicated to recreation and tennis, the Bellevue Club ensures there's something for everyone, whether you're pursuing active leisure or seeking relaxation in a tranquil environment. To top it off, the Bellevue Club also offers a first-class hotel and spa, allowing members and guests to indulge in the ultimate pampering experience.

Glendale Country Club

Glendale Country Club has a storied history and is deeply valued by the Bellevue community. Established as a family-oriented club, Glendale has maintained its reputation for providing members with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The club's legacy is built on the belief that a sense of belonging and shared experiences enrich the lives of its members.

Golfers at Glendale Country Club have the privilege of playing on an 18-hole championship layout that offers a variety of tees to accommodate different skill levels. The club's commitment to excellence is evident in its instruction program led by PGA professionals. For those looking to enhance their game, Glendale offers active women's and junior golf programs that promote skill development and camaraderie among members.

Glendale Country Club offers several membership options tailored to meet the diverse needs of its members. The proprietary membership is the pinnacle, providing full golf, social, and pool privileges. However, this exclusive category is limited to only 400 owning members, ensuring a close-knit community atmosphere. Associate memberships are designed for individuals aged 21-35, offering club benefits at a reduced rate to make Glendale accessible to the younger generation. Social memberships provide access to social events, dining experiences, and the swimming facilities, allowing members to engage in the club's vibrant social life. Beyond golf, Glendale Country Club hosts various social events and programming throughout the year, ensuring that there are plenty of opportunities to connect and create lasting memories with fellow members.

Overlake Golf & Country Club

Nestled in the heart of Bellevue, the Overlake Golf & Country Club embodies the timeless charm of classic golfing combined with an atmosphere of social excellence. As you step onto the beautifully manicured grounds, you'll instantly feel transported to a world where golf is not just a sport but a way of life.

At the heart of Overlake's appeal lies its classic, walkable golf course. This meticulously maintained course is suitable for golfers of all skill levels, from novice players looking to learn the game to seasoned pros seeking a challenging round. The lush fairways and well-placed hazards make every round a memorable experience. Whether you're teeing off at the crack of dawn or enjoying a leisurely weekend game, Overlake's golf course provides the perfect backdrop for a day on the greens.

Families at Overlake are in for a treat with the club's expansive 6-lane pool. This aquatic oasis is particularly popular among families, offering a wide range of aquatic activities and fun for all ages. Whether it's swimming laps to stay fit, splashing around with the kids, or simply basking in the sun by the poolside, the pool area is a hub of summer activity and relaxation.

Overlake Golf & Country Club takes its culinary offerings to the next level. Led by Chef Alex Nemeth, renowned for his cutting-edge cuisine and dedication to using the finest ingredients, the dining experience at Overlake is nothing short of exceptional. Members can indulge in a culinary journey that explores a wide range of flavors, complemented by an extensive wine list. Whether you're dining casually with friends or celebrating a special occasion, the club's dining facilities provide the perfect setting for memorable meals.

Beyond golf and dining, Overlake is dedicated to enriching the lives of its members through a strong sense of community. The clubhouse serves as the social epicenter, hosting a wide array of events and gatherings throughout the year. From themed parties to holiday celebrations and cultural events, there's always something happening at Overlake to foster a sense of togetherness. The club's commitment to creating lasting memories for families and friends is at the core of its values.

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