Puget Sound’s Most Expensive Neighborhoods

Mary Pong,

The word is about the same across the country home prices are increasing but some markets are more predominant than others. In the Puget Sound region, the median home value is more than $500,000, however, still lower than many tech-centric cities in California where the median home value is nearly $1 million.

In a recent article by Biz Journals, Digital managing editor Emily Parkhurst mapped out the most expensive neighborhoods in the Puget Sound region. This list of 30 highlighted more dense neighborhoods from Seattle to the east side.

Coming in at #30 is Blue Ridge where the median home value is about $685,900. It boasts a population of about 2070 with a median income of 80,388. Number 20 is Bridal Trails in Bellevue where the median home value is $736,200. This neighborhood has a population of over 10,000 with a median income of $85,000. The top 10 are as follows:

  • #10 Montlake –  Seattle –  Home Value $880,300, 3431 population, $116,786 median income
  • #9 Eastgate –  Bellevue –  Home Value $891,500, 5691 population, 70,180 median income
  • #8 North Bellevue –  Home Value $914,000, 1944 population, $85,577 median income
  • #7 Meydenbauer –  Bellevue –  Home Value  $955,500, 5564 population, $96,285 median income
  • #6  Madison Park –  Seattle –  Home Value $1,004,000, 4449 population, $98,162 median income
  • #5 Windermere –  Seattle –  Home Value $1,007,000, 2559 population, $110,038 median income
  • #4 Mercer Island –  Home Value $1,009,000, 23,301 population, $148,421 median income
  • #3 Laurelhurst –  Seattle –  Home Value $1,019,000, 5560 population, $110,038 median income
  • #2 Downtown Kirkland – Eastside –  Home Value $1,033,000, 1951 population, $112,658 median income
  • #1 Medina – Bellevue –  Home Value $2,002,000, 2940 population, $163,594 median income

Other neighborhoods on the Eastside and Seattle that made the list were Somerset, Hidden Valley, Portage Bay, Madrona, Magnolia, Sammamish, and most neighborhoods in Kirkland and Bellevue neighborhoods that border Kirkland.

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