The Phenomenal Chinese Schools Of Seattle

Seattle Mary Pong,

There are so many wonderful and unique qualities that make Seattle such a special place to call home. One of those qualities is that we have a terrific selection of Chinese schools that cater to both Chinese and non-Chinese students interested in learning about the culture and language. If you are in search of a Chinese school for your child, I strongly suggest that you consider enrolling them in one of these.

Mingyuan Evergreen Chinese School

Learn the Chinese language from the best instructors Seattle has to offer at the Mingyuan Evergreen Chinese School. Saturday classes are offered from September to June, with each semester lasting roughly 15 weeks. The school also occasionally offers a summer camp session. Students age 3 years and up are welcome to enroll in the school. Prior to enrollment, potential students and their families can visit the school during one of their Saturday sessions to see first-hand how the classes are run.

What Parents Are Saying About Minyuan Evergreen Chinese School

“The principal of Mingyuan Evergreen Chinese School, Miss Liu, has the sweetest personality. She must be the best kind of Chinese lady you have ever met who has the noblest upbringing and the best education possible. Miss Bee, the executive assistant to Miss Liu, is an Oxford (or Cambridge) graduate and the most efficient & capable lady you can imagine. “ Joe


If you’re looking for a diverse school that caters to each student’s specific needs, ExcelMandarin is the place for you. Their highly-qualified teachers are passionate about teaching this wonderful, challenging, language to their students. Many of the teachers have personally traveled to China and have first-hand experience speaking Mandarin which it is the native language. There are a variety of classes offered to address several different learning levels, starting out with an introduction class that focuses on reading and writing Chinese characters. These unique opportunities, along with their excellent teachers, are what sets ExcelMandarin apart.

What Students Are Saying About ExcelMandarin

“I’ve been studying Mandarin off and on for about 7 years, and I’ve had several different so-so Mandarin teachers along the way. But I’m now really enjoying learning Mandarin in Evan’s ExcelMandarin classes. Evan is super enthusiastic about his teaching, and he’s always trying to iterate on his teaching methods and class structure to find the most effective way to teach Mandarin.” Josh

Seattle Chinese School

Since 1966, the Seattle Chinese School has been teaching the Seattle community the fine art of the Chinese language. Each Saturday, three-hour long classes are held at Interlake High School where students and teachers have access to state-of-the-art classroom technology. With 17 different courses offered, from preschool-age children to advanced learners, there is something for everyone at the Seattle Chinese School. Those looking to learn Chinese as a second language will appreciate the smaller class sizes and in-depth coursework that teaches students to fluently speak the language as they would their native tongue.


What Parents Are Saying About Seattle Chinese School

“I was so thrilled to have found SCS! Immediately impressed by how organized and dedicated the teachers and administrators are. As with most educational organizations, parental involvement and volunteerism are vital to its success.” Annie

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