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Mary Pong

Managing Broker

Buying or selling real estate will likely be your most important financial decision. I offer unsurpassed, concierge level client experience at every price point, whether you are a first-time buyer, a seasoned real estate owner or an investor.

My clientele success has resulted in many industry awards, while also holding myself to the highest professional and ethical standards.

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Bonnie & Dave
Laura & Michael
What My Clients Say

Mary is the best Realtor® we have encountered in our 15 years of property management. We had a wonderful experience with Mary as she helped us to purchase our first investment property in the hot Seattle market. She works with a great team of professionals in home inspection, financing, and property management, making our buying process very smooth.

— Bonnie & Dave

What My Clients Say

This is the fourth time we’ve worked with Mary. We’ve purchased two income properties and our own personal home with her, and we would hands down recommend her to anyone looking for an awesome agent in the greater Seattle area. She is experienced, knows the market, is extremely patient, consistently goes above and beyond, and gives great, honest advice. Mary takes the time to get to know her clients and ...

— Laura & Michael

What My Clients Say

Mary is not only one of the most skilled Realtors® I’ve ever met, her presence and personality are wonderful and she is very easy to work with. She is keen on details and doesn’t miss a beat. She is also very knowledgeable about the market.

— Anna

What My Clients Say

Mary is the most professional, patient, proactive, and knowledgeable real estate agent I have encountered during over 20 years of global property investing across five countries in two continents.

— George

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